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Success Stories

Tangible Transformations in Our Community

St. Joseph Services Student, Patricia Pacheco, Shares the Impact of St. Joseph Services' Programs at Fall Festival

St. Joseph Services' student, Patricia, took center stage at our annual Fall Festival to share the impact of our Computer Literacy, ESL, and Citizenship programs on our students.

Through these programs, students are given the resources and guidence to overcome technological, language, and legal barriers, giving them a chance at a better life for themselves and their families.


Patricia also highlighted the important roles St. Joseph Services' instructors, Alex and Harry, play in the success of their students.

View Patricia's full speech.

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Bridging the Technology Gap: Empowering Chicago Youth for Success

St. Joseph Services recognized a pressing issue: many Chicago students lacked essential technology for their educational needs. 

To address this, we launched the "Bridging the Youth Technology Gap Program" in partnership with the Big Shoulders Fund. With a generous $100,000 anonymous grant, we have provided over 2,000 students from eight schools with brand-new tablet computers since December 2020. 

This program empowers students to overcome the technology barrier:

  • Ensuring effective online research

  • Facilitating assignment completion

  • Promoting academic excellence

By bridging the gap, we open doors to educational opportunities and set students on the path to success. 

“Chicago’s Very Own” Unleashing the Power of Technology: Alex's Impact

St. Joseph Services' Computer Literacy Manager, Alex, was recognized for his exceptional dedication to the community on WGN's "Chicago's Very Own" segment in November 2020. This story highlights Alex's transformative commitment to his students' education and well-being.

When the pandemic disrupted traditional learning, Alex went above and beyond to ensure his Computer Literacy students could continue their classes remotely. He tirelessly gathered donated computer equipment and personally distributed them from Josephinum Academy in October. With his guidance, students overcame technological barriers, connecting with loved ones through emails and video calls.


Alex's unwavering efforts have empowered countless students to thrive in today's digital world, enhancing their technology skills and fostering meaningful connections.

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Making Chicago Home: How St. Joseph Services Empowered Gladis' Immigration Journey

From a small town in Mexico to the bustling city of Chicago, Gladis faced challenges in her search for happiness and a sense of belonging. Thanks to the support of St. Joseph Services, Gladis achieved her goals and discovered a vibrant community that welcomed her with open arms.                                                                     

“I remember that first day at St. Joseph Services. They welcomed me and my baby daughter, and I immediately felt at home. St. Joseph Services quickly became a second home. I enjoyed these services and learned so much that I brought my whole family and my friends to St. Joseph Services...After 10 years of being involved with St. Joseph Services, I have finally submitted my paperwork for my green card. I found a way to make Chicago home. I couldn’t have done that without St. Joseph Services.”

- Gladis

Transformative Citizenship Class in Chicago: Elvira's Inspiring Journey to U.S. Citizenship

Congratulations to Elvira, an inspiring adult learner, for successfully passing the U.S. Citizenship test! Through St. Joseph Services’ citizenship class and the unwavering support of dedicated volunteer and adult literacy coordinator, Sarah, Elvira achieved her dream of becoming a U.S. citizen.

“Sarah gave me so much more to learn. She gave me a lot of help and inspiration. I am grateful.  I wish there were more people like her… I am thankful to St. Joseph Services. Now I feel free, more safe. My kids were born in this country and I want to be here to see them get married without the fear of being deported. I want to be a part of this wonderful country.”                                                                         

- Elvira

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