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St. Joseph's Day

As we approach the Feast Day of St. Joseph, SJS is pleased to announce the launch of St. Joseph’s Day. St. Joseph Services is blessed to be named after St. Joseph the Worker, who is known as the patron saint of families and workers. We are proud to be able to capture the essence of who he represents through our mission.

We are very appreciative of your continued generosity during these times as we work to provide educational and supportive programming to local youths and adults. We invite you to join us in creating positive change by celebrating St. Joseph’s Day.

Many families continue to face difficulties during this time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why on Saturday, March 19th we will celebrate and encourage the act of giving. It is our hope that you join us in this celebration as your support is crucial to our mission of allowing us to provide services to communities in need.

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