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End of Year Campaign

Celebrate the Holiday Season by Giving to Those in Need

From providing ESL books for eager learners to sponsoring scholarships that kindle ambition - your donations transform countless lives. Join us in fostering growth, knowledge, and hope for our community.


Specific Needs Your Donation Funds:

  • $20 can provide ESL books for one student, helping them advocate for themselves and expand their opportunities for employment.

  • $40 can equip students with essential Computer Literacy materials, empowering them to communicate online.

  • $60 can provide Citizenship materials, guiding aspiring citizens through the process.

  • $80 can fuel our vibrant After School Program Clubs with supplies, nurturing creativity and growth.

  • $100 can offer a one-month scholarship to our After School Program, setting the stage for academic achievement.

  • $200 can ease the burden of childcare for working parents while gifting a child with unforgettable adventures and new friendships through a Winter/Spring Camp Scholarship.

  • $300 can provide a Summer Camp Scholarship, offering a summer experience filled with learning and fun.

Donate and Help a Child in Need This Holiday Season!

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