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Our Mission

Inspired by the vision of St. Vincent de Paul, St. Joseph Services educates and inspires youth and adults, developing values and talents through collaborations to strengthen communities.


About Us

Our Vision:
Transforming Lives to Transform Communities

Our Values: C.H.E.E.R.S.

  • Collaboration: To network and partner with others to provide and enhance services

  • Hospitality: Welcoming others in a spirit of openness and compassion

  • Empowerment: Educating, mentoring, and assisting others to grow toward their full potential

  • Excellence: Providing the highest quality of services and achieve measurable social impact

  • Respect: Treating others with reverence, compassion, and integrity and promote equity and equality

  • Service: Practicing generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need

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Our History

Since 1861, the Daughters of Charity have served the Chicago

communities most affected by poverty. In 2001, the organization

deepened this commitment by starting St. Joseph Services. The goal

was to develop an outreach ministry to partner with local parishes and

community nonprofits.

St. Joseph Services works with students to strengthen and develop their

skills to move from a position of poverty to one of economic, spiritual, and social self-sufficiency.

In 2001, the Daughters of Charity founded St. Joseph Services as a new sponsored work to serve those in need in the Chicago area. Leadership initiated partnerships with St. Mark’s Catholic Church, San Miguel School, and the Chicago Health Collaboration to address educational, social, and health deficiencies. St. Joseph Services soon created after school and summer camp programming for youth in the Austin community. Within a few years, youth and adult programming began to take shape in Humboldt Park, offering after school programming and English as a Second Language, Computer Literacy, Citizenship classes for adults.

The continued development of youth and adult programming has helped countless participants break the cycle of poverty and establish St. Joseph Services as an integral part of the Chicago community for the past 21 years.

Click here to view the SJS History brochure!

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