Adult Programs

SJS offers adult education classes at our program sites in Avondale, Glenview, and Humboldt Park


The road to achieving citizenship can be confusing and difficult; St. Joseph Services offers assistance that can help ease the journey. Citizenship classes provide instruction on U.S. history, advanced English (reading, writing, and conversation), and other topics covered on U.S. citizenship tests. Students especially value SJS’s discretion and understanding of the challenges they face.


Computer Literacy

Beginners learn the basics of manipulating the mouse and keyboard, creating and saving files, accessing the Internet, setting up email, Facebook, and Skype accounts. Students may progress from beginning to intermediate and advanced levels of Microsoft Word and Excel. Instruction focuses on practical skills like creating a resume, conducting internet job searches, and completing online applications. Classes are provided in English and Spanish.


English as a Second Language

Students learn English in a respectful, nonjudgmental atmosphere with a curriculum customized to achieve goals. Instruction is offered daily by trained, dedicated tutors in a one-on-one or small group setting. Bilingual tutors are available for those Spanish-speaking students who have little to no English fluency.