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Welcome to St. Joseph Services


St. Joseph Services uplifts the youth and adults of the Chicago neighborhoods most affected by violence and poverty through educational and supportive programming. We serve with the guiding vision of building communities from within. All programs are supported by trained staff and an extensive volunteer force. Assistance is also provided by established partnerships with neighbors to expand the reach of service.

St. Joseph Services delivers educational and enrichment opportunities in a safe, supportive environment. SJS engages youth in year-round programs which include after school and weekend activities, in addition to seasonal camps during school breaks. The organization provides a safe haven for children, as well as engaging educational, social, and athletic programs. Emerging adults take advantage of weekend athletics and programming that offers college enrollment assistance, job readiness, and life skills mentoring. SJS also offers English as a Second Language (ESL), Computer Literacy, and Citizenship classes for adults who need assistance as they try to overcome cultural and language barriers to achieve personal success and increased financial stability.

Our warm and welcoming atmosphere encourages students and volunteers to discover their individual gifts and connect in ways that “feels like family.” We take special care in cultivating engaged volunteers and program staff from the neighborhoods we serve, becoming positive role models for their friends and neighbors while building programs from within the community.

Join the St. Joseph Services community today.

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St. Joseph Services Announcement 

St Joseph Services is relocating all Humboldt Park programming from the St. Aloysius Monsignor Thiele Center to a new location a little further west in Humboldt Park. All programming, including Youth-After School, Computer Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Citizenship, will continue at the new location in the near future. 

Anuncio de Servicios de St. Joseph


St. Joseph Services está reubicando toda la programación de Humboldt Park  en el Centro Monseñor Thiele de St. Aloysius a una nueva localidad mas al oeste West Humboldt Park. Toda la programación, incluyendo programa de jovenes después de la escuela, clases de ciudadania, inglés como segundo idioma y computacion, continuará en la nueva localidad. 

SJS Updates & Resources

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